Accepted papers

Accepted papers

  • Alexis De Vos and Stijn De Baerdemacker. A Birkhoff connection between quantum circuits and linear classical reversible circuits
  • Robin Kaarsgaard. Inversion, Iteration, and the Art of Dual Wielding
  • Torben Ægidius Mogensen. Reversible Carry-Lookahead Addition With Few Ancillae
  • Pablo Arrighi, Nicolas Durbec and Aurélien Emmanuel. Reversibility vs local creation/destruction
  • Alexandre A. A. De Almeida, Gerhard Dueck and Alexandre César Rodrigues Da Silva. Efficient realization of Toffoli and NCV circuits to IBM QX architectures
  • Atsushi Matsuo and Shigeru Yamashita. An Efficient Method for Quantum Circuit Placement Problem on a 2-D Grid
  • Malcolm Regan, Brody Eastwood, Mahita Nagabhiru and Frank Mueller. Automatically Translating Quantum Programs from a Subset of Common Gates to an Adiabatic Representation
  • James Hoey and Irek Ulidowski. Reversible Imperative Parallel Programs and Debugging
  • Anna Philippou, Kyriaki Psara and Harun Siljak. Controlling Reversibility in Reversing Petri Nets with Application to Wireless Communications
  • Alwin Zulehner, Hartwig Bauer and Robert Wille. Evaluating the Flexibility of A* for Mapping Quantum Circuits
  • Giulia Meuli, Bruno Schmitt, Ruediger Ehlers, Heinz Riener and Giovanni De Micheli. Evaluating ESOP Optimization Methods in Quantum Compilation Flows
  • Harsh Khetawat, Ashlesha Atrey, George Li, Frank Mueller and Scott Pakin. Implementing NChooseK on IBM Q Quantum Computers
  • Naoki Nishida and German Vidal. Characterizing Compatible View Updates in Syntactic Bidirectionalization
  • Matthew Amy. Type Systems for Quantum Metaprogramming
Important dates:

Abstract submission:
February 11, 2019 (extended)

Submission deadline:
February 18, 2019 (extended)

Notification to authors:
April 1, 2019

Final version:
April 15, 2019

June 24 - June 25, 2019


Mathias Soeken
EPFL, Switzerland

Michael Kirkedal Thomsen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark